8 Day Virgin Islands Charter Itinerary

Day 1 – Embark in Tortola

Norman Island is the first stop on your tour of the Virgin Islands.

This particular island is a great adventure for literary fans as this is the island which Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island is based on. Although there is a distinctive lack of pirates, there are some charms on this island which are apt for the theme of the famous book. The main instance being Willy T, a floating bar. The replica of a pirate ship remains anchored in the bay, providing the most unusual place to have a drink. An absolute must even if you aren’t a bookworm.

Norman Island will also give you your first diving opportunity of your holiday as your crew anchor down close to a dive site known as The Caves. Exactly as the name describes, this dive site features some caves which are home to some beautiful species of marine life including some small critters. A second dive site, The Indians, is also worth a look if you have enough time.

Your evening will then be spent in The Bight, a calm anchorage site, where you can either dine onboard your vessel or enjoy another pirate themed location, the Pirates Beach Bar.

Day 2 – Peter Island

After leaving Norman Island your dedicated crew will charter through the early hours of the morning so you wake up to see the stunning Peter Island.

Acclaimed to have one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, your morning can be spent trying to prove this fact. Relax on provided loungers, or enjoy the warm sand, and watch the world go by over a couple of rum punches. Take a stroll to look for some shells or have a swim before indulging in a light lunch on your luxury charter yacht.

Next on your list is to see Dead Man’s Bay. Another pirate tainted location, this location was named after the event of finding drowned pirates on the beach. It is said that these pirates made the swim from the nearby Dead Chest Island. If you don’t fancy spending more time resting on the beach, the time may arrive for you to open up the storage and get out the toys. Water sports are popular around the Caribbean so join in the fun and get your adrenaline pumping.

Finish your day on Peter Island by filling up on some barbeque favourites like sticky ribs and burgers at the Dead Man’s restaurant and bar.

Day 3 – Cooper Island

Island Beach Club

Making the short journey to your next port of call, Cooper Island offers outstanding beauty and diving opportunities for your third day in paradise.

Very much like your previous day on Peter Island, a lot of your day on Cooper Island can be spent lounging in the peace and serenity of the almost abandoned beaches. Rest your eyes under a palm tree and listen to the soothing sound of the sea while sipping on a rum cocktail for a couple of hours as you prepare for an afternoon under the sea.

Snorkelling and diving are popular for visitors to Cooper Island as there are protected reefs below the water’s surface. Cistern Point is a great place to dive as you can see many varieties of fish, many of which may be youngsters. Keep your eyes peeled on small nooks and crannies to see some small critters.

One more dive site to visit before the day is through is over at the nearby Salt Island. If you’ve never experienced a wreck dive you are in for a treat. The Wreck Of The Rhone is a dive site which continually attracts divers visiting the Virgin Islands. Sunk in 1867, the RMS Rhone was a Royal Mail vessel from the UK which met it’s fate during a hurricane. Sadly 123 people lost their lives from the incident but the wreckage keeps their memory alive. An interesting fact about the wreckage of the Rhone is that it was infact hit twice by the hurricane. The first time it was trapped by the anchor, which was cut free, and then again not 250 yards away from where it would have been safe.

Day 4 & 5 – Virgin Gorda

One of the true gems of the Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda is a natural beauty.

Perhaps the biggest atttraction of Virgin Gorda are the natural whirpool baths. Encased in rocks of a volcanic nature, these oversized rockpools take on the motions of a whirpool bath. The salt water spa like treatment beckons to you as an ideal cool off from the warm Caribbean sun. Spend as much time as you like here before drying off on one of the staggering white sandy beaches.

The North Sound is the second main port of call on Virgin Gorda. Here you will find a high quality, exclusive resort which has everything you could want from a stop off point in the Caribbean. The Bitter End is a hotspot for luxury charter yacht enthusiasts so be assured there will be plenty of luxury treats in store for you here. Have a delicious lunch and spend some time burning off pent up energy with the sports facilities.

If your purse strings are itching for an outing, a trip to Leverick Bay can also be arranged. Built up with tourists in mind, there are many shops, restaurants and bars here to keep you entertained. Even when the sun goes down the fun doesn’t end as Leverick Bay is known for having an exciting nightlife. Dance till you drop or work your way through pages of cocktails and complete your day here with a feast of a beach barbeque.

Day 6 – Anegada

A day for recuperating from Leverick Bay comes in the form of the outstanding island of Anegada.

Virtually untouched, this island is only small but it is home to a lush green carpet of foliage and beautifully pink flamingos. Take a stroll through the indigenous flora and fauna while keeping your eyes peeled for exotic wildlife. Take a break in the shade with a light lunch before heading back towards the coastline to top up your tan.

Snorkelling is a must at Anegada as the underwater world is just as untouched as the island itself. Snorkel around your luxury charter yacht or venture a little deeper with your diving gear to see the beautiful corals and vibrant sealife. Water sports can also come into play here. The vast expanse of water allows you to bring out all of your toys so have some fun while exploring every angle of this beautiful island.

Day 7 – Jost Van Dyke

On your last full day in the Virgin Islands, Jost Van Dyke offers the best of both of what this archipelago has to offer.

Dotted with restaurants, boutiques and small family run businesses, Jost Van Dyke offers true Caribbean tourism with delicious menus and hand made handicrafts. Scour the stores for unique pieces to take home and try local delicacies as you make your way to the beach for your final stretch of white sand time.

If you need to cool off during the afternoon there is a natural bubble bath, very much like the whirpool baths at Virgin Gorda. Bubbly Pool is found in the northeast of the island so cruise up to this corner of Jost Van Dyke and make it your last port of call of the day. Lounge on the decking over a candlelit supper and watch the final sunset of your week long adventure in the Virgin Islands.

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